This is an online version of the DTC training course is designed for all health professionals working at health facilities to serve as DTC member and improve the supply management and rational use of medicines.
The course is expected to take around 15 hours to finish.
By the end of this course, you will:
      • Define DTC, its establishment and its role
      • Identify manuals and guidelines for managing medicine use and prevention of abuse
      • Recognize the role of DTC in Pharmaceutical Supply chain managment cycle
The target groups for this course are Medical directors, Chief Executive Officers and all other health professionals
When finishing this course, you will earn a certificate of completion that is worth 10 CEU points.
In order to earn the certificate, you have to:

  • Complete each course content
  • Earn a grade of 85% and above on the quiz
  • Submit the End of Course Feedback

National Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Annual Review Meeting